Just Jewels Deluxe

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The range of casino slot games from Novoline is very varied with all different sorts of different games being produced to target a large range of players. This large range of players all have different expectations from a casino slot game, some feel that the games theme is the most important, some the graphics and sound effects and some the game play that the slot provides. The Just Jewels Deluxe game presents players with a unique game playing experience where they can enjoy a slot game that has different playability aspects to the others. The game play that the Just Jewels Deluxe slot presents is so different because the game features fewer bonuses but a more direct winning line set up. This direct winning line set up in the Just Jewels Deluxe game works by the player managing to line up only three of the same symbols adjacently. These three adjacent symbols can be lined up across any three of the five reels and can start from the middle reels. This is an excellent feature of the Just Jewels Deluxe game and players will enjoy the fast pace that the game is played at as lots of winning combinations can be achieved.

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The format of the Just Jewels Deluxe slot is a five reel and ten win line game where players can enjoy an easy to learn fast paced slot game. Players have the choice if they would like to play with between one and ten win lines, the more win lines a player chooses to play with means the more chance a player has of winning. The more win lines selected in the Just Jewels Deluxe game also means the more expensive each spin of the reels is. The player can adjust the win line selection at the bottom of the games main screen by pressing the + or – win line button. The Just Jewels Deluxe game also offers players the flexibility of altering their stake amount which controls how much is risked on each spin of the reels. The various symbols in the Just Jewels Deluxe game all create different winning line combinations and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table in the game is located at the bottom right of the games main screen symbolized by a blue button and opens up into a new screen for the player’s convenience.

The Just Jewels Deluxe game has three main bonus options that players need to memorize to increase their chances of being successful whilst playing the slot game. The first two of these centres around the very special Euro symbol that acts as both a scatter and substitute bonus. The scatter bonus in the Just Jewels Deluxe game works by the player managing to spin in three of these symbols to the screen at any one time. This action unlocks a bonus payment to the player which helps their winning fund in the Just Jewels Deluxe game. The substitute bonus works by the Euro symbol having the capability to swap with any other symbol in the game to increase player’s chances of creating a winning line combination. The combination of the substitute and scatter bonus make the Just Jewels Deluxe game an excellent and very exciting slot. The winning potential in the game is very large and players will love the fact that a winning line combination can be achieved over only three reels. The last bonus feature that can significantly affect players is the gamble bonus feature which is a key element in player’s potential to build a healthy prize fund.

The gamble feature in the Just Jewels Deluxe game is offered to players after every winning spin of the reels and is a bet players can either accept or decline. This bonus in the Just Jewels Deluxe game if accepted opens up into a new screen for the player. The bonus works by the player being shown a deck of cards and they are then asked to guess which colour the next card drawn from the deck will be. This is a fifty / fifty chance bet as the player can only choose red or black and this will result in the player either doubling or losing their prize fund. The Just Jewels Deluxe game does give players a slight helping hand with this bonus as they display to the player what the last six cards drawn from the deck of cards were. This display helps players as they can see which colour of cards has the least left in the deck and therefore increases their chances of guessing correctly. This bonus feature in the Just Jewels Deluxe game if guessed correctly can be repeated which gives the potential to significantly increase a player’s prize fund. Players must use this bonus feature wisely and at the right time as if bonus is guessed incorrectly the player loses everything.

These bonuses alongside the straightforward three reel winning line combination results in a player being able to enjoy a very fast paced and potential rewarding slot game. The Just Jewels Deluxe game in addition to the fantastic game playing aspects offers plays a great visual experience through the games awesome graphics. The sound effects of the Just Jewels Deluxe game are also excellent as they manage to create a good and exciting vibe for the player. The theme of the slot game is one of Jewels and wealth and this is something that everyone playing the casino game is aspiring to have and win. The Just Jewels Deluxe game has through these different elements created a unique and fun playing atmosphere which differs from other Novoline games. The other games in the Novoline range have a more intricate story line and complicated theme and they also feature more complicated bonus rounds and free spins. This Just Jewels Deluxe game offers players a simpler and more old school traditional playing environment. This slot game can be recommended to players of all different experience levels and is a very quick and easy to learn game.